Welcome to Fernatix

Welcome to our New look web site for 2012 we hope that you enjoy visiting our site and find it informative and easy to use, our news page will help you find us quickly.

We are happy to have visitors here in Suffolk assuming an appointment can be made to suit both parties, contact us if interested.

We do not sell online due to the limited and variable quantities of plants involved, please note we are Retail sales only.

We are able to offer Debit Credit card facilities, Via telephone only on 01379 678197

If you would like to purchase any plants, details of our terms are on the Mail order page. All tree ferns are to be found on the miscellaneous ferns page with a selection of other non hardy plants otherwise there is the Hardy fern page.

We welcome Garden Clubs visiting us please give us a call, write or email us to arrange dates.


Winter Period

Hello Fern lovers  Yes its that time we now need to start preparing to protect our plants its till a touch early but find a spot of straw or other material for the tree ferns bank up other plants with a bit of extra shelter.  Check your greenhouse or tunnel drafts are not liked by many of us so remember our plants also do not want the same ok.
Our 2017 shows list will soon be available for your diary, and we do have a page on Facebook which gets more attention than this web site something we are going to work on this winter period,  remember  you can still visit us,  But you must make the appointment first e/mail or phone ok 01379 678197 between 9am to 5pm thank you.

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