Working with Tony Smith

In 2010 We were approached by Tony Smith to work with him on the Urban Plantaholics Kitchen Garden. After the initial meeting we were quite excited about the overall design of the garden, it was quite clear this was not going to be your regular Chelsea Flower Show Garden. Did anyone mention artificial grass?? Anyway we were charged with supplying a whole bunch of ferns and some Orchids, also, to do the planting on site. Never having staged plants for somebody else we were a tad trepidatious (maybe that was just me….). It was certainly a bit of a departure from our usual show experience particularly when planting the Orchids in the kitchen. We’re not used to working with that amount of colour anymore. As it happened working in the kitchen was a fantastic experience, all calm and quiet while the bedlam of the Chelsea build up went on all around us. Quite amazing. As for attempting to interpret in plants what was in Mr. Smiths head, well that’s a whole other thing. In the end it turned out to be three brilliant days in May, wouldn’t have missed it for the world! Thanks Tony. For more info including some cracking photo’s (particularly of the Orchid Kitchen) check out

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